Academic Tests

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NPC: Garcia
NPC Location: Atlantis
Player Level: 30
Realm: Any
Rewards: EXP, coins, Advanced Deed of Trust, Heaven Tree Seed, Magic Academy, Double EXP Stone, Fortify Crystal and magic Academy reputation

Table of Contents
Event Tips
• • Local Map
• • World Map
• • The NPCs
Final Notes

Players above level 30 can find NPC Garcia in Atlantis to inquire about the details of Academic Tests. Players can acquire Academic Tests 20 times from NPC Garcia everyday and can get rewards after every test. Players will gain EXP and money for each test completed. Note: the Academic Tests won't give you Advanced Deeds of Trust if you already have 60 or more.

After first 10 quests you will start getting Magic Academy reputation points. For rounds 11-15 you will get 1 point, 16-18 give 2 points and 19-20 give 3 reputation points (17 points in total). There is a random chance to get 10 bonus points after completion. Once you reach 2nd rank (over 600 points) you will recieve Letter of Admition quest chain.

There is a small chance you may get awarded a 21st test which usually involves killing 20 mobs around your level. A popup window will come up telling you this after you hand in test 20. The reward for the 21st test is a double EXP stone. This test also gives 4 Magic Academy reputation points.

The quests may include the following:

  • Buy an item: an item sold by Bluto, Kardanny, Reis, or the class-specific vendors in Atlantis Square is selected. You must buy the item and return.
  • Collect materials: a small quantity (2-5) of a level 1 foraged material is requested. You can either gather them yourself or buy them from a vendor.
  • Explore an object: selects an examinable object (in Sea of Atlantis or Foraging Grounds) that will drop a quest item when examined. You must return with this quest item. Note that this doesn't require a Collector, even if the object is in the Foraging Grounds - learn which objects are materials and which are quest items.
  • Explore appointed area: a map and a coordinates is given (usually in Atlantis Square, Atlantis, Sea of Atlantis or Easter Island North). Go to the coordinates and stay there until the quest is clear.

Event Tips

  • Familiarize yourself with the Local Map and World Map (UI).
  • Use your mount whenever possible for faster travel.
  • Get the foraging tool from Meryl, or from the Salary Marketplace if you have used up the tool for today. You will need it for this event and other quests.
  • When you are requested to buy a food or pet item, the quest will tell you to go to Kardanny or Reis, respectively. However, Achtos also sells these items and he is closer to Garcia, which means you can save time running around.


At level 30(low levels), you will gain a lot of EXP (compared to what you need to level up) and be a little coins richer once you finish all 20 quests. You should be able to gain at least one level at low 30's. However at higher levels, the XP gained does not scale well but the coins go up quite well. Some examples of EXP and coin rewards at different levels:

  • At level 31: Around 135,000 EXP / 1,670 Coins (not deducting coins used due to items bought)
  • At level 43: Around 260,000 EXP / 9,000 Coins (not deducting coins used due to items bought)
  • At level 57: Around 550,000 EXP / 24,000 Coins (not deducting coins used due to items bought)

This event is very simple, no killing involved (except maybe in the lucky 21th test). Mostly point and click. You should do this before you log out or just logged in.