Astral Feast

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NPC: Outer Starway Teleporter
NPC Location: [url]Atlantis(170,202)[/url]
Player Level: 30
Realm: 2,4,6,8
Rewards: EXP, Witch pet, Coins


Part One: Star Shards

When this event starts, the NPC will offer two options. You must first choose the second one to get the Star Shard quest, then the first one to teleport to Outer Starway.

Outer Starway is an odd map resembling the night sky. It is divided into 4 regions, each housing 3 Zodiac constellations. Collectable Star Shards spawn in all regions. After successfully searching a Star Shard, the following may happen:

  • Each player in your party gets 1 or 2 Star Shards
  • You get 1 Dim Star Fragment
  • You get 1 Constellation Wish Charm
  • A void guardian spawns. The player who kills the guardian gets 5 Star Shards for his/her team.
  • You are teleported to a random location
  • A freezing spell is cast, fixing nearby players in place (does not interrupt Star Shard collecting)

Periodically, massive amount of Star Shards spawn in certain locations of the map. A notice alerts you which constellation region the shards are in.

After collecting 80 Star Shards, you must return to the NPC Arnyth. The teams gain prizes depending on the order they finish in: the first team gets a lot of EXP, coins, and a Witch egg, while each subsequent team gets gets normal EXP and no items and now Books called Ancient Codex to hand in to AfroditeĀ“s Servant in Atlantis,But no clue wher that is.For Exchange for Advance Treasure Map

Part Two: Constellation Wishes

Arnyth has an option that exchanges 5 Dim Star Fragments for a Constellation Wish Charm. These charms are also found directly in Star Shards. The charms must be used in your Constellation Temple, which Arnyth can warp you to. You will be sent to the Constellation Temple corresponding to your zodiac. To activate the temple, 60 wish charms must be used in it. The 60 charms need not be collected by the same player. Multiple players with the same sign can cooperate to get 60 wishes in total. Only one temple may be activated per event. If a temple is activated, all players bearing its sign are eligible for a reward in the form of a Shiny Wish Charm. Talk to your Defender in Outer Starway to claim the Shiny Wish Charm, then return to the Constellation Temple and talk to the Pet NPC to exchange it. If the winning sign is not yours, you can still use a Constellation Faith Stamp to change your alignment (by talking to the Defender of the winning sign), allowing you to claim the Shiny Wish Charm.

Note: although the Constellation Wish Charms can be used on a realm that doesn't run the Astral Feast event, it is pointless to do so, as you can't go to Outer Starway for your reward.