Berzerker Skills

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Level 1 ChampionMagusHereticBerzerkerSlayerSummoner
BashAttack Skill • Recklessly strike the target, dealing physical damage plus bonus damage.
RageXP Skill • A wave of destruction erupts from the Berzerker toward the target, damaging nearby enemies and ignoring their defense. Deals physical and bonus damage, as well as decreasing their speed for 5 seconds.
Level 10
SortieUtility Skill • Charge and stun the target for a small period of time.
SeverAttack Skill • Violently strike the target with your weapon dealing HP damage and physical damage. Has a chance to reduce the target's physical defense for a short duration.
Level 25
SavageryPassive Skill • Your natural propensity for violence increases your critstrike.
War RoarUtility Skill • Your hunger for battle becomes contagious, increasing the physical attack of you and up to 10 nearby friendly players for 10 minutes.
Lunar SlashAttack Skill • Horizontal attack that strikes up to 5 enemies in front of you causing physical damage.
Level 40
ReapAttack Skill • Infused with your burning anger, your weapons deal physical damage and bonus damage. Has a chance to wound the target and deal physical damage every 5 seconds for 30 seconds.
DuelistPassive Skill • Your weapons in your hand become as naturla as your own limbs. Increases accuracy.
FuryUtility Skill • Lost in the chaos of battle, nothing can keep you from your opponent. Increases freeze and stun resistances, as well as accuracy, for 15 seconds.
Level 55
BloodlustUtility Skill • Enter the battle-trance of the Bezerker. Attack speed and movement speed increased. Incoming physical and magical attacks deal more damage. Lasts for 30 seconds.
Terminal VelocityAttack Skill • Leap into the air toward your target and let gravity do the rest. Strike the target on impact and reduce its movement speed for several seconds.
Level 70
DemolishUtility Skill • Become imbued with spiritual power that frequently ignores the enemy's defenses. Increases holy damage and increases holy strike. Lasts for 10 minutes.
WhirlwindAttack Skill • A spinning attack that deals physical damage to up to 10 targets within range.
TemperPassive Skill • Your muscles are as strong as well-worked steel. Increases strength.
Level 85
Stained BladeAttack Skill • Your blows can fell the mightiest of opponents. Reduce your target's current HP. Deals up to a set amount of damage.
CounterPassive Skill • Your enemies quickly learn to regret striking you. Attackers have a chance to take damage greater than or equal to how much strength you have.
Level 100
Sacred ArmorPassive Skill • Reduces all damage.
Sword FlurryAttack Skill • Perform spinning attacks over time to deal AOE damage to multiple targets.
Level 115
Blade ShieldUtility Skill • Use your weapons to defend you against attacks.
Level ??
Cold SteelPassive Skill • Increases Ice and Fire elemental attack.
Cosmos Skill
Black HolePvP Skill • Pulls targets towards you.