Emperor's Catacomb

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Dragon Emperor's Catacomb is a safe zone. All monsters inside are aggressive and Elite (or Boss in Trapped Dragon Emperor's case). Pro EXP can be earned here.

Level 1

Terracotta Warrior-LV35 [url]Emperor's Catacomb Level 1(144,218)[/url]
Terracotta Wizard-LV37 [url]Emperor's Catacomb Level 1(148,134)[/url]
Ghostface Chief-LV37 [url]Emperor's Catacomb Level 1(244,71)[/url]
Ghostface-LV39 [url]Emperor's Catacomb Level 1(220,92)[/url]
Royal Dragonguard [url]Emperor's Catacomb Level 1(160,122)[/url]

Level 2

Terracotta Lancer-LV41 [url]Emperor's Catacomb Level 2(105,209)[/url]
Miregolem-LV43 [url]Emperor's Catacomb Level 2(133,169)[/url]
Miregolem Captain-LV43 [url]Emperor's Catacomb Level 2(133,135)[/url]
Terracotta Cavalier-LV45 [url]Emperor's Catacomb Level 2(129,110)[/url]
Dragon Emperor's General [url]Emperor's Catacomb Level 2(167,174)[/url]

Level 3

The True Dragon Emperor can spawn in here. Spawns at set times each day, thus far 8:30am, 12:30pm and 4:30pm noted, possibly there are additional times (information needed). He does not necessarily spawn in the center of the zone where you would fight him in DE. It appears that he wanders the zone without restrictions (has been on both east and west sides of the central clearing)

Upon death, each member of the party gains a Transform Potion, and a bunch of foragable items appear which hand out the main loot. Many level 45 SG items were gained, I would presume the Egg for the pet is also from these.

Dragon Emperor CAN be solo'd by a high level character, but it is not possible for a single person to collect all of the items which spawn before they time out.