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All guild members can do the Guild quest once per day.

You must talk to Namm at [url]Guild Manor(146,180)[/url] to initiate the quest, then go to Warren. The second part can be done alone or in a party. The goal is to escort a convoy of supplies to Gallege in Easter Island South, defeating the bandits that spawn on the way.


You can speed up the quest a lot using a MP mount. Make sure that one of the players who is NOT the party leader has a MP mount. Have this player invite the party leader to the mount. All players must then go to the teleporter NPC, and the owner of the mount must teleport to Easter Island South. The rest of the members can then follow. This way you end up close to your destination.


  • Guild funds or development, according to your choice
  • EXP and contribution
Supply Type Development Fund Contribution
Common Supplies 750 22,500 15
Advanced Supplies 900 27,000 25
Luxury Supplies 1,000 30,000 30