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Saving Money

First and foremost, you will need to be a tightwad with your money or else you will always be broke. The following applies to any level.

  1. Pets — Avoid wasting money on low level pets trying to fortify them or unlocking skills, adding skills etc. This applies to anything you get for free, including pets from the Level Up Box (Koala, Kangaroo etc.), or by catching common monsters. You can't carry anything on to a better pet you get later, while your old pet loses value as it levels up, since lower level players won't be able to summon it, while higher level players will need more powerful pets. Save your worries about getting a good pet until you are a good enough money maker.
  2. Equipment — cosider skipping some of them and/or their upgrades. Tiers of Soul Gear are available for levels 45, 60, 75, 90, 100 and 115. Whenever you go up a tier, you must pay money for the items themselves, and any upgrades you performed such as fortifying, Gem and Stardust embedding must be transferred using Glow of Athena which costs money. You can save money by not doing such upgrades, or skipping some tiers (for example, only getting level 60, 90 and the higher levels of Soul Gear is a common strategy). Note that level 2 gems can still be removed and re-embedded cheaply (using Removal Charms for Adventurer Coins; for embedding you have 100% chance even without an Embed Charm). At higher levels, compare the costs of Removal and Embed Charms versus Glow of Athena to see which one is cheaper.
  3. Fashion items — you will go broke collecting all clothes. Most characters only need one piece of fashion and back gear with the right stats, and these go for high prices.
  4. Don't die — repair bills are expensive. If your group looks like it's not doing well, don't be afraid to bail. Lots of new players don't know how to play their characters, yet.
  5. Free Food — make sure you get your daily ration.
  6. Salary market — Run out of free food and pet remedies? Buy potions from the salary market. Saving up zeal and salary cards from Trial for the Brave can help purchase these in emergency situations. As a bonus, you can buy them anywhere throughout the server - perfect during instances. Salary can also buy level 2 gems if you want to save money on them.
  7. Thor's Blessing — instead of selling your Jades or Obsidian powders for 2-4k coins, donate them at Thor's Altar instead. The one hour buff will save you from using food. This buff gives you back MP and also HP, it's a double whammy.
  8. Healer NPC's — abuse them whenever you can. They will heal your HP/MP to full instantly for only a few coins. Very useful before and after an event or quest.
  9. Upgrades — Put priority in upgrading your stash and bag slots (more space for loot = more $$). You can never go wrong in upgrading your skills.
    • Use a separate character for storage. This reduces the number of slots you need on your main (since you only need to carry the actively used items and the non-tradeable ones) so you save on the costs of bag expansions.
  10. Avoid gambling — especially if you don't have enough free money/ZEN to throw around. Anything that has a chance of failure can fail. A 90% chance of success still has 10% chance of failure. Only gamble what you have gotten for free and can't sell (quest items for example). Gambling is the best way to get frustrated: fortifying a piece of gear to high grades, rebirthing a pet to perfect, or getting a desrirable item out of a Starwish Charm or box item usually have very low chances. Buying premade pets or the desirable items themselves can save you a fortune.
  11. See also Avoiding scams, as you might lose a lot of money by getting scammed.

Money generators

These methods work without relying on the market, i.e. they generate money out of nothing.

  1. Quests - Any level. Yes, coins from quests add up. You can also get free stuff like mount gems, fortify crystals, etc.
  2. Academic Tests - Level 30+, you should be doing this daily. It's not so much for the coins early on, but mostly for the Advanced Deed of Trusts (more on this below, read on). However at level 60+, the coin gain is nice significant. (Earn about 30,000 to 120,000, depends on level.)
  3. Cave of Haze - Level 55+. Golden chests hunt every day. Depending on how busy your server is, it can either be an easy money or a waste of time. Can only claim 5 chests of money before reverting to chest item drops only. (Earn about 120,000 coins.)
  4. Poseidon's Blessing - Level 75+. Talk to Atlas (in Atlantis Square) to get this quest in exchange for 1 Medal of Triumph (which you can get by doing the daily Trial quest and various instances). Combine with Crusade for Poseidon for EXP. You don't have to kill for the full 2 hours, you can stop killing after running out of Crusade scrolls and still get nearly as much money as killing hundreds of extra mobs. (Coin reward increases with level, after level 100 it's around 300,000 coins.)
  5. Land of the Dead - after level 97, you can do Waking World, Nightmare Domain and Swordgrave daily quests. (Earn 158,000 coins.)
  6. Armor of the Brave (below level 96) - Keep an eye on the system message, it will announce when it is about to begin. Take note or write the time down because it's the same everyday. At level 65 and below you kill Pharaohs King's Gorge, best to take the Cave of Haze teleporter from Atlantis Square. Level 65+ will need to kill Minotaurs at Viking Steppe. Team up so you can finish faster and then split up to different realms to turn in the quest so you don't compete with each other. (Earn up to 50,000-100,000 if you do all 4 and depends what place you finish.)
  7. Events - Events like Dragon Island, Fallen Darkness and Shadow Manor, give some pretty good coin rewards. (Earn about 30,000 coins.)
  8. Dungeons/Instances - trade the items that drop from the boss. See Segg in Atlantis and buy the correct scroll to collect your reward. Advanced Deed of Trust is required per item turn in.
    1. Dragon Emperor's Crypt (40+) - Dragon Emperor's Stamp. After a certain level the drop rate is less than 100% so you should do the higher instances to save time.
    2. Specter Island (50+) - Silver Goblet drops from the last boss, Captain Barbert. Since you kill him twice in Elite mode, you get 2 Silver Goblets instead of 1 from Normal. Silver Goblets can net you 15,000 Coins per turn in.
    3. Giza Pyramid (65+) - Pharaoh's Heart.
    4. Lava Heights (80+) - Lava Essence.
    5. Sell trash items from the instances or vend them if they are good enough that people will want to buy them (selling them for 2,500 - 50,000 Coins each is better than selling to NPC for 500 Coins).
  9. Consignments - (only turn in deeds that are Level 60-75 or above so you don't waste those precious Advanced Deed of Trust.) If you happen to have 40 of monster deeds, once again, go pay Segg a visit and make use of that Advanced Deed of Trust you have accumulated. Form up a 6 man group and do Poseidon event, should take no longer than 30 min to finish all 20 scrolls and guaranteed you will have 80+ monster deeds. (This tip is only useful before level 90.)

Market Tips

Set up a vendor in Atlantis Square to sell items when you are AFK, or make a second character for this purpose.

  1. Zen Sale - Every week, PWE puts a certain ZEN Marketplace item for sale at a reduced price. You should take this opportunity to stock up on these items for a resell. DO check the price with your guildmates and have a capital first before investing into something. Remember to make sure that the item is a staple first such as Mount Gems, Fort Crystals and stuff.
  2. If you run out of Advanced Deeds of Trust (which you will if you are 70+ and running all the instances) you can sell the Boss drops and still make profit.
  3. Soul gears are in high demand and bring lots of coins if you vend them. The same applies to gems, which can be acquired from most instances and Zodiac Gauntlet. Especially level 3 and 4 gems sell well.
  4. Dragon Blood - sell the dragon scale instead of turning in for EXP. May depend on how saturated the market is for Dragon Scales.
  5. Do the Pursuing the Horus' Short Flute quest. It can be done 5 times per day and doesn't require any killing, just exploring. Collect 10 of the required items in advance and then turn them all in. Sell the unidentified treasures.
  6. Buy low, sell high. Look around Atlantis Square for people underpricing their items and buy them. Then you can turn around and sell them for a higher price. More popular realms are filled with members trying to sell items as quick as they can and mark their prices lower to do so.

Other Tips

  1. Make multiple characters. The game explicitly allows you to log in 2 accounts at the same time, and you can use the extra account to vend or mine Celebeam Particles. You will only have to level up the character to match the requirement of the thing you want to do.
  2. Some seasonal events (such as the "prayer" part of the 2011 Anniversary event) can be done only once per day, require no or trivial actions (or may be set up to require only trivial actions with some preparation), but can be done only once per day. With multiple characters you can do these multiple times per day.
  3. Level up as fast as you can. Everything scales to your level, EXP and coins included. You will also unlock more of the money facilities as you level up.

Casual Play

At the minimum you should be doing the following:

  1. Academic Tests - Solo 30 minutes (for the Advanced Deeds of Trust)
  2. Land of Dead - Group 5 min, solo 15 min (easy 165k)
  3. Poseidon Event - Group 30 min (easy 50k from Consignments / 300k from Blessing)

Those are guaranteed. The rest are influenced by luck or how saturated the market is. You really should hurry up to high levels, as money-making events become available.