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Getting married in game is a relatively easy, though slightly costly, option.

There are many benefits to in-game marriage, though different players get married for different reasons. Whether you choose to marry as a virtual profession of love to your objet d'affection, or if it's simply a matter of convenience, I have outlined the process and benefits below:

Step 1: Choose someone to marry.

Only a partnership between a male & female character will work at this time. You must be at least level 50 and have a minimum of 10,000 friendship points together before you're eligible.

Step 2: Decide if you want a basic or deluxe wedding.

Basic weddings require a fee of 1.68 million coins, and are quick & easy. NPC Temoross officiates the ceremony which ends in a fireworks display.

Deluxe weddings are more elaborate, also requiring the 1.68 million coins, but the Wedding Pack in the Credit Shop as well (15k+ credit pts). However the deluxe wedding comes with ceremonial fashion for bride & groom, wedding rings, and the ability to reserve the Garden of Gentleness for the event. You can invite guests to the wedding and following the 'big day' there is a reception in Atlantis where tables appear around the main fountain and players can dig for special food items that replenish HP/MP.

Step 3: Party with your partner and go see Temoross.

Once the fee is paid, you will receive a Love Quest that sends you to the Realm of Dreams to talk to the Fairy of Love. Be sure to talk to the NPC there until you receive the Love Seed. Both players in party need to complete this quest before they can be officially married.

Step 4: Once Married, Check your Friend's List for a new option called "Marry".

Your spouse's name will appear in your Friend's List with the tag [Husband] or [Wife] next to their name. When you click on the "Marry" button, your marriage certificate will appear. This includes your spouse's name, date/time of marriage, marriage level and bliss level.

Marriage level increases by 1 point for each day of marriage. Bliss level increases by 1 point for each minute you and your partner are partied together. Note: You need to be on the same realm and within certain proximity of eachother for bliss to increase.

As bliss increases, you earn different skills:

Privities Bonus - Upon marriage your first benefit is 5% exp bonus when killing monsters with your spouse.

Eye Contact - When you reach a 15 bliss rating, you receive an instant teleport to your spouse. 30 minute cooldown on this skill.

Persistence - When you reach a 30 bliss rating, you receive a skill that allows you to cure your partner of ailments.

Heartbeat - When you reach a 50 bliss rating, you receive a skill that allows you to revive your partner from death.

Note: Each level of bliss takes increasingly longer to attain. At level 1 it takes 30minutes to obtain the next level. Each level is increased by 30minutes, example; Level 1 = 30minutes, Level 2 = 60minutes, Level 3 = 90minutes and so on

What if the marriage takes a turn for the worse? Well, sadly that may happen. Players may quit game or just have irreconcilable differences... but never fear, divorce is always an option!

To divorce your spouse, visit NPC Temoross again.

A mutual divorce will cost 10,000 coins and clear all marriage benefits acquired.

A non-mutual divorce will cost 20,000 coins, and also clears marriage benefits.

However friendship points between the divorced couple will not change after separating.